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"If your buddy is a-sleepin' better give 'em a nudge Every-body look alive cause Here come the judge!"
(Agent Josh W from PA)

“featurette {tinkle}” “I just want to swing” “…you doo doo” “Hi I’m Frank Farkel, this is my wife Fanny Farkel….” Thanks to Billy for these!

"...and here are the kids, Mark and Sparkle Farkel".
(Thanks to Rob)

Jeremy Lloyd: "I say, why shouldn't Raquel Welch play a man in Myra Breckinridge?" Micky Dolenz: "Well, I can give you two good reasons..." Mike Nesmith: "Oh yeh, that only answers half the question!" ( from Nick A)

Micky Dolenz: We spent 35 million dollars on the space program. Now some people said that we should of given it to the poor. Davy Jones: Now what do the poor know about running a space program? (Thanks to JRSL88)

"Can I have a chocolate marmydoo?" (Thanks to Steve R)
Verrrry interesting..... but stupid
(Thanks to Paul H. for the "but stupid" idea)

A blister on your thing can be painful....
"Uncle Al had too much MEDICINE last night!!!" (Thanks to Loretta C.)
Paper gets reamed!

Silicone is a bust!

How about a walnetto? (from Mike B)

Do you beleive in the here after? Then you know what I'm here after!
(Thanks to a fan for this quote)

"I couldn't think of a poem for this Henry Gibson" (quote is from the 1968-1969 season).

"I couldn't think of a poem for this Henry Gibson" (quote is from the 1968-1969 season).
(Thanks to Nick A from NJ for this quote)

This weeks winner of the flying fickle finger of fate award is........?
(Thanks Bruce for this quote)

Here Come Da Judge!

And what about.... Naomi?
(Thanks to Cindi K for this Gary Owens quote!)

I was wondering if I could tell you something my aunt once said.....

Mailmen are carriers.

Goodnight Lucy
(Thanks to Selma C. for this quote)

One ringy dingy.... Two ringy dingies......A gracious good afternoon, have I reached the party to whom I am speaking?

Want a Walnetto? 

Every Christmas I waited for you!

(to Bob Hope)
(Thanks to a fan for these quotes)

IF ?????? MARRIED ?????? HE/SHE WOULD BE ???????????? (Example If Ida Lupino married Don Ho, she'd be Ida Ho.)
That's a local joke!
Polish joke?
Lassie is a boy
What about the buffalo
.....and now our laugh-in classified ads
Marshall McLuhan, what are you doin'? (Thanks to Mike for the update.)
Tiny tim is a place
"It's a mod mod world; it's a mod mod world; mod mod world"
(Thanks to JRSL88 for these quotes!!!)

You do and you'll clean it up.
Artie Johnson (Tyrone): "Do you believe in the hereafter?" Ruth Buzzi (Gladys): "Yes." Artie Johnson (Tyrone): "Then you know what I'm here after."
Thanks to Jack R. for the above quotes!
Go like this and go wrong! Go like this and go wrong! Go like this and go wrong!
(Thanks to Mike D for this quote)

Don't poo poo puberty.
NBC... beautiful Downtown Burbank....

I think I got it! I think I got it! I think I got it! I think I got it!
(Thanks to a fan for this quote)

Henry Gibson singing "If you could see inside of me, you would se DDT ..."
Steve Indianapolis

I didn't know that!

(Thanks to Don of Indiana and Tony Larsen for this Dick Martin Quote)

"Sock it to ME?"
Uttered by Richard Milhouse Nixon
(Thanks to John Gezelius)

"keep it moving jack benny, keep it moving" (contributed by Josie)

Lily Tomlin as Ernestine, the telephone operator, talking to the camera:
"You can give her flowers, you can give her candy, but don't forget to give her a ringy-dingy!"
Lily Tomlin as "The Tasteful Lady" after having been doused with a bucket of water, or having been dropped through the trap door, etc.: "That was NOT very tasteful."
Barbara Sharma, dressed patriotically, does a little tap-dancing move, then says, while saluting, "Thank you, Mr. Agnew!"

Above from Michael from New Jersey
Tyrone: "Ya ever see an ancient gotcha" Gladys: "No..." Tyrone: "Look up there.... GOTCHA!"
"Verrrrry interestink... But Stoopit" (Thanks to Da Gator) Hi! I'm your talking Judy doll... Touch my little body and I hit you.

"Hava nagile Have two nagile Have three nagile They're pretty small."
(Thanks to Hadakano Pretzel)
You bet your sweet bippie! What's a bippie?
thanks to a fan for this quote!

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